The 8 Myths About Serviced Offices

Written on Thursday, 20 October 2016

1: They’re expensive

Truth: Many people think that serviced offices are more expensive than taking a lease on a conventional space. Your rental costs may appear higher but you need to remember that this is for an all-inclusive package. The price you pay includes your rent, office fit-out and furniture, service charges, insurance, business rates, cleaning, water, electricity and reception services. Some providers also provide you with car parking, bike storage, showers, gym facilities and more. 

2: Location doesn’t matter to Serviced Office providers

Truth: Location is very important to some serviced office providers. No longer are centres tucked away in business parks a long way outside of cities. Locations near major transportation links and city centres is one of Orega’s main criteria. 

3: They’re only suitable for start-ups

Truth: Serviced offices are suitable for freelancers or new entrepreneurs looking for 1 person coworking space. But they’re also suitable for medium and large sized corporations looking for offices on a more flexible basis than a conventional lease. Serviced offices are perfect for project space or swing space or for businesses looking to establish themselves in a new location. 

4: They’re only suitable on a short term basis

Truth: Serviced offices offer leases on a flexible basis, from 3 months to 12+ months. This is to accommodate businesses whose needs may change frequently e.g. expanding or downsizing. Unlike with conventional leases, businesses only have to pay for the space and facilities they require and aren’t committed to pay for space they don’t need. Should the client wish to extend their lease year on year and it coincides with the providers plans then they are welcome to. 

5: You can only access them at certain times

Truth: Many reputable serviced office providers operate on a 24/7 basis as they understand modern businesses have flexible working conditions and need out of hours’ access. 

6: You can’t design the office with your own brand

Truth: Most serviced offices providers allow you to decorate your office any way you please. Adding glass partitions, sound proofing the workspace, including private/quiet areas and putting up art and decals are some ways to personalise your space. As with any leased property you have to return the office to its original state when you move out. 

7: There are lots of hidden costs 

Truth: Reputable serviced office providers know the importance of being transparent with their clients. Your itemised monthly bill will clearly display your expenses. Serviced office companies do this to remain economical and competitive. 

8: There’s no sense of community

Truth: Serviced offices offer a great sense of community for your business. Certain providers organise networking events for their clients and also hold monthly breakfast mornings or after work drinks. If you work in their coworking space it also gives you the opportunity to work collaboratively with any other users that may be within your industry. 

Still need convincing? Read about the reasons businesses are choosing serviced offices and why you should too.

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