10 Smooth Move Tips for Your New Orega Serviced Office


Moving offices has been cited as the second most stressful task for business owners, closely behind hiring new staff. But if you plan ahead and create a thorough plan, you can greatly reduce the stress of moving. Here are our top 10 tips for a seamless office move…

1. Assign a project manager

Firstly, assign an organised and efficient project manager to take seniority in the move. They need to have the experience of working within budgets, be process driven and an excellent communicator. The more people that think they’re in charge of the move, the greater the risk of error. So stick to one trustworthy member of staff and make sure they have the capacity to dedicate their time to the office move.

2. Start the planning process early

You should draw up a plan at least 6 months before your office move. Evaluate what needs to be moved and decide what you can throw away or donate. You’ll need to organise the secure disposal of electronic equipment, so make sure you factor this into your plan, too. Find out more on our blog Everything you need to know about moving offices.

3. Hire professionals

Hire commercial movers with the experience and resource required for an efficient office move.

4. Schedule the move-in

Find out how Orega makes your office move stress-free and chat to a member of our support team to pinpoint the best time to move into your new Orega office. 

5. Check access points

Check that the building has enough space for vehicles to park and if there’s a loading dock you can use. Be sure to reserve any elevators prior to your move to ensure there’s no disruption.

6. Create announcements about the move

Make sure your clients and all of your employees are aware of the move, what your new business address will be and what telephone number they can reach you on both in between moves and at your new office.

7. Create your new office floor plan

It’s important to create a floor plan before your office move to avoid unnecessary commotion on the moving day. Factor in the number of desks you’ll need and their shape and size. Assign each team member to one of these desks so they can go straight into the new office and start unpacking. 

8. Make all the necessary tests and checks

Check with Orega’s support team that all telecoms and IT equipment is up and running prior to your arrival.

9. Order new equipment well in advance

Whether it’s new laptops, stationary or general office accessories, make sure you have everything you need before you move offices. Place any orders for new equipment 1-2 months in advance so that they’re there ready for you to unpack and settle in.

10. Celebrate your new office!

An office relocation can be stressful for everyone. As a “thank you” for your employee’s cooperation, celebrate your new workspace with a midday lunch break at a nearby restaurant or after work drinks.

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