10 Tech Enhancements to Futurise Your Office Space

Written on Thursday, 12 April 2018


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With technology ever-evolving, it’s possible to utilise devices and apps to advance connectivity in the workplace and streamline productivity. Although some require a decent amount of investment, the modern way of working and employee satisfaction that result can prove invaluable. Here are our top 10 technologies to consider:

1. Tablets

One of the easiest ways to update your office dynamic is to provide tablets, either per person/team, or for general use. Tablets instantly allow faster note-taking for meetings and enable seamless communication. Taken from office to home, they’re effortlessly portable for sharing work documents and encouraging ongoing collaboration.


Go one step further than a tablet and integrate them into desks! Interactive touch tables transform a standard desk into something that can be used in so many ways – whether placed in a reception as a way to introduce and advertise your business, or in meeting rooms as a tool for dynamic brainstorms where employees can present and describe their ideas visually.


3. Visitor management system

A visitor management system is perfect for maximising efficiency, allowing visitors to sign in by themselves. You can keep a log of everyone who has entered the building and get rid of unreliable paper sign-in sheets. It’s also ideal for smaller businesses without a receptionist. You could even introduce a fingerprint authorisation log-in for employees, forgoing easily-misplaced swipe cards and lanyards.

4. 3D printer

3D printing is pioneering technology that has yet to see its full potential in the office space – the technology has already been used to make prosthetic limbs, bicycles and guitars. It’s something that could potentially revolutionise traditional office organisation in a useful way: print cable tidies, desk storage units, headphone hangers – anything you need, you can print!

5. Interactive whiteboards

Another useful tool for maximising productivity is an interactive whiteboard. Placed in boardrooms or meeting rooms, you can use them to annotate graphs, support presentations and save notes onto a connected computer for simple sharing and collective collaboration.

6. Workplace apps

Apps have infiltrated society over the past few years, with the likes of Uber and Deliveroo leading the way. It makes sense that there are more and more apps being developed to streamline the workplace, from booking vacant meeting rooms to payroll programs such as Wave, managing payslips and banking in one.

7. Virtual Reality

Most commonly found in gaming tech, virtual reality (VR) headsets are starting to make waves in offices. Facebook is looking to create virtual offices that allow people to meet online across companies and countries. As the technology evolves and apps are developed, VR offers unparalleled opportunities for a range of businesses – imagine being able to create 3D product designs or real-life models of buildings!

8. Artificial intelligence and chatbots

Hello Google, anyone? Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming the norm, available on all modern devices, with the ability to answer questions, book appointments and carry out online shopping. A relatively easy way for you to introduce AI into your business is through chatbots and automated response systems that can offer clever solutions and dynamic consumer experience when a human might not be available.

9. Cloud computing

Cloud-based tools are paramount for seamless communication and collaboration across platforms, teams and businesses. Whether it’s storage or program-based, there are plenty of tools now that provide somewhere to upload and share documents, such as Google Docs, or apps like Slack that allow you to create group chat rooms for easy and simplified project management.

10. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (commonly referred to as IoT) describes the interconnectivity of all your gadgets. You’ve probably already noticed that your calendar will sync to your iPhone; well, how about the kettle? In theory, you can utilise all of the apps to work together within an office environment – tell the kettle to have your coffee ready by the time you’ve arrived at the break room… Or sync up whiteboards and tablets so that when a meeting is arranged with a client, it automatically invites everyone present through location services. The possibilities are endless!

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