5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing a New Office Space

Written on Thursday, 22 June 2017

Looking for a new space for your flourishing business? There are a few points you’ll need to consider before you get into the practicalities of office hunting and make a commitment.

Considering every aspect of the move will help eliminate any unaccounted-for surprises or mistakes along the way.

Here are five essential questions to ask yourself before you plan the big move…

1. How will your business benefit from the office move?

What are you expecting from your new office space? Will it be a better working environment? Encourage innovation? Provide more space for workers? Does your new office space align with your budget?

2. Are you in a position to move?

Can you comfortably afford your new office space? What are the contractual obligations within your existing lease for giving notice? You need to think about these things before you start considering moving your business.



Moving office can be no small feat. It may take several weeks, so ensure that you schedule your moving day for a quieter time of year for your business, if you can. If you’re concerned about losing business during the time that you’re moving, then be sure to plan thoroughly weeks in advance so that you’re guaranteed as smooth a move as possible.

4. Who’s responsible for organising the office move?

Will you be taking control of your office move or will you be delegating tasks to your office manager or employees? Someone needs to be responsible for the entire process, including keeping a checklist of things to do before you move to your new business premises and making sure that everything is on track.

5. Is my potential office space equipped for service?

Have you checked internet connectivity in your potential new office space? Broadband or fibre optic services may be available in the building, but what if it’s not actually available on the floor of the office space you’re leasing?


Another important factor to mull over before your office move is your employees – make sure you consider their needs as well as yours. What will your employees’ journey to work be like once you’re at your new location? You need to make sure that it’s still within commutable distance, and that it’ll still be as easy for them to access the office as it was before the move.

Want more top tips on moving office? Download our Office Move Checklist!


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