5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Office Location


Whether you’ve run out of storage space, feel cramped or can’t get any privacy, then it might be time to take note of a few warning signs that suggest it’s time to up sticks and find a new office location. Here are 5 signs that you’ve outgrown your office space...

1. Noise distraction is at an all-time high

Unless you’re working solo or you’re in a home office, being around others comes hand-in-hand with being in an office. You can expect a certain level of noise throughout the day, but if you’ve recently hired new staff and found noise levels have become altogether distracting then it’s time to address the issue. When average noise volumes become excessive, both productivity and morale can suffer.

2. There’s no quiet space  

If you want to run a productive and efficient business, then it’s important that your employees have access to quieter areas of the office, to hold meetings, make client calls or host brainstorm sessions. A designated ‘break-out’ area or even a meeting room can give employees a place to focus on the job at hand without distraction or interruption. 

3. Your employee size has doubled

It might sound obvious but if you’ve doubled in size as a company in the last year and you’re still trying to squeeze into the same office space, then it’s important you start looking for a new office before it gets out of control. Don’t make any more hires until you have a long term plan sorted to provide a comfortable and enjoyable space for your employees.


If desks are piled high with paperwork and your cupboards are overflowing with stationary and office equipment, this is a sure sign that your business growth hasn’t been prepared for or accommodated.

5. Demotivated Staff 

A shortage of sufficient office space can affect your business in many ways, but most importantly it can have a demotivating impact on your staff. Another sign you've outgrown your office space is if your staff doesn't have space to complete tasks and doesn't meet client targets. Room for expansion is sure to have a positive impact on staff morale and productivity.

Wondering how much office space you need for your business? Use our Office Space Calculator! 


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