5 Ways to Spread the Love to Your Employees


Let your team know how much you appreciate them with our top 5 favourite ideas: 

1. Bring in some sweet treats

Indulge your team with some surprise cakes, chocolates and other sweets to brighten their day!

2. Surprise your team with a happy hour

Show how much you value your team’s hard work with an unexpected happy hour to toast to their success and show them you care! Bring in some bubbly and dedicate time toward the end of the day for everyone to enjoy a glass or two of champagne together.

3. Host a Dinner for your employees and invite their partners

If you have the budget for it, this is a great idea for your team to not only get to know more about you and the more senior members of the company, but meeting your colleagues’ partners can also make everyone feel more connected. Studies show that building friendships with colleagues can improve their overall wellbeing because they feel more fulfilled and happy in the workplace.

4. Hand out appreciation cards

Although this may be easier for companies on the smaller side, your employees will definitely feel special when they receive handwritten cards telling them how you appreciate all their hard work. Whether it’s a recent report they’ve done really well or how their organisation keeps the team running smoothly, let them know! If there are too many people in your team for this to be an option, why not give each of your team members a compliment throughout the day to make them feel special?!

5. Bring in something fun

A fun way to show your employees you care is to bring in something fun and unexpected like scratch cards or raffle tickets for everyone to play. Just imagine how much more appreciated they’ll feel if they win something! If games aren’t your thing, you could opt for a small gift for everyone like personalised fortune cookies or a pack of heart-shaped chocolates.

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How do you let your employees know their hard work is appreciated? Let us know by tweeting us at @OregaOffices!

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