7 Reasons to Do Dry January


After a boozy holiday season, most of us will be thankful for the short break in drinking that has become so popular. We decided to take a closer look at all the benefits of going dry in January and why you might just feel so good, you’ll want to make it a dry year!

1. Your skin will thank you

Because alcohol is a diuretic, your body becomes dehydrated, making your skin less elastic and dry. Your body will produce more oil to rehydrate the skin on your face, which will end up clogging your pores and causing breakouts. Alcohol also produces toxins in your body that accelerate the ageing process. Look younger and skip on drinking this month!

2. You’ll get a better night’s sleep

Although drinking alcohol before bed helps many people get to sleep quickly, the substance actually disrupts your normal sleeping cycle, causing you to spend more time than usual in the REM stage of sleeping, a light sleeping stage. When you wake up during REM, you will usually feel groggy or overly tired. Get those needed hours of deep sleep by passing on alcohol this month!

3. Improve your productivity

Although it’s not obvious, the effects of alcohol can continue, even when you’re sober. Drinking alcohol disrupts your ability to have deep sleeps which results in tiredness, reduced concentration and mistakes. Stay focused and be more productive by going Dry this January. 

4. Save for A holiday

If you find yourself at the pub every week, spending an average of £50 each time, your total savings on booze if you go Dry this January come to £200 – enough for a weekend away to Spain! If you’d prefer a luxury holiday away, going Dry for all of 2019 would save you £5,200! Maldives anyone?

5. Lose weight

Did you know a pint of beer is roughly 180 calories? That’s the same as an average slice of pizza! When you drink alcohol, your body can’t actually store it so it’s processed as sugar, which turns to fat, so skipping on alcohol this month might help you reach your New Year’s resolution body faster.

6. Free your time

By cutting out drinking this month, you can use all that hangover-free energy to try something new! What about rock climbing, exploring an area nearby you’ve never been to or reading a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for too long?

7. Have fun!

You don’t need alcohol to go out with your friends! If you love bars and want to spend some time out socialising, why not try a mocktail or alcohol free beer instead? 

Will you be going dry this January? Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most and tweet us at @OregaOffices.

Header Image Source: Pexels

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