8 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Considering a Serviced Office


If your business is growing and you need a simple, flexible office solution then serviced office space could be the perfect fix. But there are a few things to consider before you make the move. Make your office relocation a seamless one by asking yourself these 8 questions...

 1. How much office space do you need?

This could be your businesses first real office space, or you could be expanding and opening a chain of different offices across the country. Whatever it may be, you need to look at exactly how much office space you’ll need for maximum productivity and efficiency.

2. Is your business expected to grow?

After you’ve concluded how much space you’ll need for your business right now, you’ll also need to bear in mind potential business growth or even a downsize. If you take out a short-term lease with a serviced office then this gives you the opportunity to change it up as your business changes.

3. What’s included?

Most serviced office providers include everything from maintenance costs to utility bills in one easy monthly payment. This might also include things like access to meeting rooms, car parking spaces, toiletries in the bathrooms, and so on. Whatever your expectations, your serviced office provider will make sure you’re comfortable in your new workspace.

4. What type of leases do they offer?

Your business requirements will determine how long you need office space for. You may only need it in between office moves or you may need it for a project team. Whatever your requirement, most serviced office providers will offer 3-12+ month leases on a flexible basis.

5. Where are the offices located?

Are the offices in a convenient location and is there plenty on offer in the area for your employees? You need to think about what’s best for your business and where your client base is situated – if you’re too far away you may lose commercial opportunities. You also need to research whether your new workspace is close to shops, cafés, restaurants and transport links as these factors may be important to your employees and influence your company’s ability to acquire future talent.

6. Is it easily accessible?

If your new workspace is located in a business park, make sure it’s as easy as possible for both employees and clients to reach you. Also consider how busy the roads are going to be in the morning and how close bus stops and train stations are.  

7. How secure is it?

What’s the security like in the area? Your serviced office will be full of expensive equipment, telephones and furnishings so it’s important to investigate what kind of security the office building offers. Things you might want to check: do you require a code to get into the building and is there a receptionist or concierge monitoring who is coming in and out of the building?

8. What facilities are available?

Finally – what facilities are on offer? You and your team might have specific requirements, like tea/coffee or breakfast facilities. You might also need car parking or bike storage. Before choosing a serviced office provider, it might be a good idea to check with your employees about what they consider important in an office.

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Serviced Office vs Conventional Office

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