7 Reasons to live and Work in Bristol

Written on Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bristol is a vibrant city which is home to many industries including manufacturing, retail and communications. Not only has the government significantly invested in Bristol’s business quarters, but the number of start-ups now is rapidly increasing due to Bristol being labelled as a ‘Mini London’.


If you’re thinking of relocating, or setting up somewhere new, Bristol is a great option. Here are 7 reasons why…

1. Great transport links

Bristol’s location in the south west, ensures that it is cheaper and less populated than the capital. However, great transport links offer cost effective travel options into both Cardiff and London, whether for business or pleasure.

2. Best City To Live in the UK

Bristol has one of the lowest unemployment rates and back in 2014, was ranked the best place to live in terms of wealth and happiness. For quality of life, Bristol beats many of the big cities including Manchester, Liverpool and surprisingly, London (which only ranked 7th). If you want to be happy, and get more for your money in terms of the cost of living, Bristol is one of the best places to base yourself. For employers, Bristol is an appealing city for potential recruits and with 9% of relocations within the UK down to new jobs – you might find people will come to you!

3. Full of Culture

Bristol is full of hidden gems including secret hidden bars, theatres including the Old Vic & the Bristol Hippodrome and even a castle! When you’re not working, there’s plenty to do – much of it being free! Stroll down to Clifton Suspension Bridge for a picnic by the river – you wouldn’t think you were in the 12th largest city in the country.


4. Talent Pool

If you’re starting up in Bristol, or looking to relocate, one major benefit of working in Bristol is the available talent pool. Not only is Bristol home to a redbrick university, but also UWE, meaning the talent pool is impressive - with 45.6% of the working population having NVQ Level 4 or above. Many students decide to stay in Bristol, having fallen in love with the city, so you’ll have the pick of the best when recruiting.


5. Impressive Business Quarters

Despite Bristol being well known for industries such as textiles, within the past decade the investment into business areas has been significant with these now rivalling other major cities. Most offices are located just outside the central vicinities, close to transport links such as Temple Meads train station, motorways and also offering parking – something which London rarely allows for. Did you know, Orega is located in Bristol's vibrant business area, near a range of convenient transport links and the floating harbour – the perfect area for office space. 


6. Creative, Tech & Digital Community

Bristol is the UK’s second largest creative, tech and digital community – offering great facilities and opportunities for digital entrepreneurs. For start-up tech businesses, Bristol can be one of the best places to locate your business and for those interested in working in a digital community, Bristol is almost unbeatable. From Strava to the BBC Natural History Unit, many businesses have found Bristol to be the perfect location.

7. Average House Prices

Luckily for those wanting to move to Bristol, the average house price is below the national average at £255,911. Of course, in the more affluent areas, house prices can be significantly more, but due to a range of good transport links, living outside of the city centre and commuting in, is a viable option.

If you’re looking to relocate or set-up in Bristol, take a look at the offices we provide. Whether you require a serviced office or virtual office – check out the options!


Is your business or job located in Bristol? What’s your favourite thing about this magnificent city? Tweet us @OregaOffices and let us know!



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