On 22 June we were delighted to attend the #Yes2Belgium event organised by 11 different Chambers of Commerce including the American Chamber of Commerce. The guest speaker Charles Michel, Prime Minister of Belgium spoke of the country as being an attractive and safe one to invest in, live and do business. The talented workforce, good quality of life, safe and open communities, high innovation capacity, close cooperation with the government and ideal geographic location are among many reasons companies say yes to Belgium. Watch the video below to find out why leaders of some of the most important investors in Belgium such as Coca-Cola, Huawei, Sanofi, Skechers, Telenet and Volvo do business in this progressive country. 


Orega’s Commercial Director, Jeremy Hampton stated he was “delighted to have been part of a really positive and motivational evening where it was very clear major business brands will continue to invest and expand in Belgium. It is very clear the resilience of the business community will prevail."

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