London Gatwick is a constant hub of activity, being London’s second largest international airport and having the world’s largest single-use runway. It is also home to The Beehive, one of Orega’s flagship business centres with its unique Art Deco exterior and its celebrity haunt history. 


Not only was working in the airline industry a glamourous career choice in the 1960’s but it was also one that would likely expose you to some famous faces - none more famous than The Beatles. In 1963 the filming of the music video “A Hard Day’s Night” took place outside of none other than our striking building, The Beehive. 


With office discipline being a lot stricter in the sixties, staff of British United Airways recall having to sneak away to watch filming taking place on their lunch break as flexitime definitely didn’t exist back then. Luckily word hadn’t gotten out that the famous four were filming in this jet setter location and they weren’t surrounded by their future plethora of screaming, fainting and crying fans. The Beatles stood casually, drinking their coffee, taking direction and being observed by a few BUA office girls, just one year before Beatlemania was to hit.


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