10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £5

Written on Thursday, 16 November 2017


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Christmas is fast approaching and your wallet is looking a little thin. You have a limited number of days and limited funds to get the dreaded Secret Santa gift for your co-worker. Have no idea what to get Jo from Accounts because you’ve only spoken to her twice?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these 10 original ideas under £5 to help you out:

1) Face Mats

Face MatsOn those days where a deadline is fast approaching and the atmosphere is tense, a funny face mat is definitely needed. These hilarious disguises are a must have to keep your co-worker smiling.


2) Ice Tankard

Ice Tankard

For Dave, who is always at the after work drinks or spends his Monday talking about the weekend antics. He will surely appreciate the Ice Tankard which keeps drinks nice and cold with no need to dilute drinks with ice.


3) Slow Cooked Bacon Jam with Chipotle

Bacon Jam

He walks in every morning and devours a bacon roll so why not mix it up for Sam with this slow cooked bacon jam with chipotle. Perfect with pizza or to spice up their spaghetti bolognese, it’s the best gift for bacon lovers.


4)  Ladybird Books for Grown Ups

Ladybird Books

There’s literally a Ladybird Book for every type of grown up! Whether it’s Lucy who is obsessed with The Walking Dead and preparing for the zombie apocalypse or Jack who has recently grown a handle bar moustache and loves tasting craft beer.


5) Bath House Lip Balm

Bath House Lip Balm From mojito to earl grey to chocolate cupcake, there are lots of flavours to tickle your co-workers taste buds and enhance their beauty regime.


6) Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips
Lonely Planets Best Ever Travel Tips

The office jet setter that uses up all of their annual leave, then is begging for some unpaid leave will appreciate the Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips for their next trip. Full of secrets to make sure they have easy travels in a pocket-sized pack.


7) Emoji Get The Hint Labels

The Emojinal Get The Hint

The Emojinal Get The Hint Labels is the perfect gift for the co-worker that manages to sneak these little guys into every email. Let them get expressive in a playful way when commenting on pieces of work.


8) The Mindfulness Colouring Book

Mindulness Colouring Book
The co-worker who is always stressed, running around like a headless chicken and never has a spare minute needs The Mindfulness Colouring Book. This provides anti-stress art therapy for the busiest of colleagues.


9) Christmas Mini Selection

Hotel Chocolat Chocolates It may be predictable but delicious chocolates are a favourite with most in the office (apart from super healthy Helen – abort mission, she won’t appreciate these!). Hotel Chocolat provide lots of mini sweet treats in pretty packages.


10) Scratch Card
 Scratch Cards

Feeling lucky? Give Tom from HR a scratch card and since he’s such a nice guy hopefully he’ll share his winnings!


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