5 ways to change your mind set from employee to entrepreneur

Written on Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Quitting your job, taking the plunge and starting your own business can be a very daunting prospect. Not only this, many people may assume that the transition from being an employee to taking on the role of managing your own employees is a seamless process. However, even the most successful of employees can struggle with the change.


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Take a look at the ways you should change your mind set from employee to entrepreneur:

1. You’re no longer in the 9-5

That’s right, you’re now in the 24/7 way of working. Being a start-up, you need to adapt to being fully committed to your business any date, any place, any time outside of the regular working hours. You may not be physically tied to a desk but consistently thinking about your business or being contactable by your employees is important, especially in the early days of your start-up.

2. You’re the decision maker

Whilst working as an employee for another company, even at a Director’s level, you will be surrounded by co-workers to assist you with decisions. When you are the business owner, all major decisions lie with you. You are responsible for the final say on what happens, when and how it is executed. Being an entrepreneur is your opportunity to take the chances you’ve always wanted to which comes with the risk of sometimes getting it wrong. Learning from mistakes makes entrepreneurs better leaders in the long run.

3. Always be learning

As an employee, you can be stuck in the daily grind which may become repetitive and unchallenging. Becoming an entrepreneur requires you to constantly be bettering yourself, learning new skills and absorbing new information. Being a proactive entrepreneur can help to keep your business competitive and ahead of industry trends.

4. Get use to feeling uncomfortable

You are no longer going to be going through the motions and remaining in your comfort zone. Being an entrepreneur means testing ideas, taking risks and feeling uneasy at times.

5. Passion, passion, passion

Whilst working for someone else, you may be purely in the job for the pay check at the end of the month instead of the love for the job or company. As an entrepreneur you have to be passionate about your business and completely dedicated to your idea. Without passion, it may be very difficult to continue when times get tough.

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