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You spend longer with your co-workers than you do with your friends, family, spouse, children, and pets. If you want your work life to be smooth sailing you need to make sure your relationships with your colleagues are harmonious. Sitting in awkward silence for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week will not make your work life a positive experience. Strengthen your work relationships by following these tips and become the best co-worker possible:

1. Say “Thank You”

Whether someone has helped you achieve your deadline when you were drowning in work or if they’ve just made you a cup of tea when you arrived into the office, it is important to express your gratitude. Your colleagues are a lot less likely to go out of their way to assist you if they feel under appreciated. Knowing that their help was valued will make them feel part of a supported team.

2. Bring food

A co-worker’s stomach is the way to their heart so if you’re ever in doubt, just bring food. It could be a meeting, training session, someone’s birthday or leaving do – no matter what the occasion, food will always be welcomed by everyone.

3. Try not to be too annoying

Little, consistent, irritating habits can really grind the gears of your colleagues. Constantly turning up late, not replacing the paper in the office printer and taking lots of cigarette breaks are just a few things to niggle at their tolerance levels. Workplaces can be cramped, so trying your best not to be annoying will be greatly appreciated by others.

4. Don’t get involved in gossip

Being in a clique and participating in workplace gossip/hearsay is unprofessional. The “office gossip” is not a nickname you want to acquire either. Steer clear of whatever the rumour mill is churning out so that you don’t get involved in other people’s business and some awkward situations.

5. Be modest

No one likes a show-off. Someone who is constantly bragging about how they’re the best at their job can make their co-workers feel uncomfortable. Being modest, humble and knowing that you don’t hold all of the answers is an endearing quality. Your colleagues are more likely to gravitate towards you if you’re open to their ideas and contributions.

6. Respect others’ time

Everyone in the workplace thinks their workload is just as important as anyone else’s. Don’t act like yours takes priority. Your colleagues are equally as stressed and preoccupied as you. Make sure you attend meetings on time, are always fully prepared and have your work submitted by the deadline. If you respect your co-workers’ time then they’ll respect yours.

7. Welcome new co-workers

New starters are bound to be nervous, entering into a new company and not knowing anyone can be a little daunting. Make the effort to reach out to them by inviting them to lunch, offering to make them a coffee or just generally finding out where they are from and their previous job role. They will appreciate that you went out of your way to get to know them.

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