The world is full of wonderful and bizarre office cultures, but just how different is your office to others across the globe?

Prefer to take regular breaks throughout your working day? You should be working in Sweden! If exercise breaks appeal to you, Chinese office culture allows for many employees to do just that during office hours. The Chinese also frequently take naps after lunch (which we can’t help but wish was the norm here, too…)

Want to know more? Check out the facts below to see how office culture changes from place to place. Some cultural norms may take you by surprise, others might leave you considering expat life, and some will definitely get you pondering on how you can improve your office culture.

1. France

France Office Culture 5 Weeks Holiday

France Office Culture Overtime

2. China

China Office Culture A Nap After Lunch Is Encouraged

China Office Culture Exercise Intervals Are Taken Twice A Day

3. The USA

Usa Office Culture Maternity Leave

4. Dubai

Dubai Office Culture Company Approval Is Required

Dubai Office Culture Greeting

Dubai Office Culture Expats

5. India

India Office Culture No Leather Or Beef

India Office Culture Impolite To Say No

6. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia 1

Saudi Arabia Office Culture Decision Maker

Saudi Arabia Office Culture Working Week

7. Sweden

Sweden Office Culture Coffee Break

Sweden Office Culture 5 7 Weeks Holiday

8. Japan

Japan Office Culture Working Hours

Japan Office Culture No Shoes Worn


Which office culture appeals to you most? Does your office have any out-of-the-ordinary practices? Let us know and tweet us @OregaOffices!