Finding a workplace that is easily accessible, by car or public transport is not always as straightforward as you may think. However, being based at one can have a significant influence on your work-life balance and the development of your career.

1. Time saving

An easily reachable workplace can be defined as one that takes less time to get to. Having a shorter commute between your home and workplace improves your health and overall work-life balance as one study shows that people with commutes over 10 miles have high risks of depression, cholesterol, anxiety, back ache and insomnia.

Having a better work-life balance makes employees feel more motivated and productive whilst at work, therefore benefitting the employer as well as the employee.

2. Easier travel

A workplace that is based in a strategic location and is catered to by various roads and public transport links is easy to reach for employees and their guests. Travel to and from the location is simpler and easier to follow, this makes the workplace more desirable to top talent who could be potential new team members.

3. Ability to create new business relationships

Being situated in an easily reachable workplace is an attractive concept for many businesses. If you are based amongst other reputable companies this gives you a chance to interact and network with different professionals who could potentially boost your career.

4. Increased visibility

By encouraging guests to visit your workplace for meetings or events you could possibly attract new clients or employees who may be interested in your business and otherwise didn’t know about it.

5. Money saving

Both as a worker and as an employer, an accessible workplace will save you money in most cases. As an employer having a workforce who are less stressed/tired after an easy commute will make them more efficient and increase productivity. Being close to a city centre that is easily accessible by main transport links reduces employees petrol and travel ticket costs.

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