“Collaboration” seems to be a buzzword in workplace terms nowadays, but is everyone really clear about what it means?  Collaboration is when two or more people work together to produce something successfully, whether it is an idea, process or product.

Collaboration has been occurring for centuries through trade, music, the arts, business and education. The Economist describes collaboration as being next to godliness in modern business. So why is so much emphasis now being put on collaborative working? Businesses have discovered the benefits if their employees adopt this style of working.

Benefits of Collaboration

Three heads are better than one and five heads are better than three. With all of these different heads brings together different types of personalities. People who are extroverts and introverts working together in a team brings together a balance of personalities. This balance is said to develop ideas that end up being more appealing to clients and consumers than those that are just developed by one or two people


Having a collaborative culture promotes innovation. Bringing together people from different areas of the business will encourage brainstorming. A diverse team made up of employees from various functional groups within the business gives different perspectives and discovery of ideas that may have otherwise remained untapped. A business that allows a collaborative environment encourages employees to not be afraid to be experimental.
However, certain departments within your business may shy away from the collaborative working style and view it as disruptive and unproductive.

Curse of Collaboration

Forcing people to work within large, open plan and noisy environments isn’t beneficial to everyone’s working style. This may be damaging and distracting to quieter more introverted employees. Open plan offices and coworking spaces definitely encourage collaborative working. Should this not suit everyone within your business you can install soundproof glass walls to create private offices and quiet zones.

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