Coworking, hot desking and collaborating are very trendy topics in the serviced office industry at the moment. Is this trend here to stay or disappear like MySpace? Coworking spaces were appealing during the recession due to the increase in freelancers, consultants and sole traders in the market. In a coworking space, the users share resources (space & cost) bringing their monthly costs down and making renting workspace affordable.

Many flexible working operators have rushed in to design their own version of communal spaces to match the increase in demand. Unfortunately, due to the delicate balancing act required to create the perfect coworking space to suit all types of workers, few companies are able to pull it off. Not getting enough people through the door makes the space expensive to run and lacks the networking environment clients are looking for. If there are too many users, the space becomes over-crowded and the noise makes the centre unappealing. If balance can be achieved, coworking will be here for the long run.

Orega have expanded our Virtual Office packages to include the Flexi Desk in MediaCityUK, Manchester and at both Leopold EU District and Sablon Tower centres in Brussels. This package provides a coworking business environment that with a difference that promotes collaboration. Orega’s brand of coworking space is based within a private office and is available on 3, 6 or 12 month rolling contracts. Our packages give members access to a shared working environment with the added benefits of a phone answering service, mail collection and a registered business address to improve their professional image.

If you’re looking for coworking space in Brussels or Manchester call our friendly team to book in your free day trial on 0800 840 5509.