Businesses need to value the importance of their employees having the correct work-life balance as it affects them and their success. Stress is the most common cause of sick leave in the UK so having over-worked employees can be damaging to companies’ work-flow. Read the 5 suggestions below of what you could include in your business to make your employees lives more balanced:

1. Transparency

Unfortunately, in many businesses the management team and employees have very different views on what makes a good work-life balance. Whilst you may think that leaving work at 5.30pm will make your life more balanced, your manager might disagree. According to one study 67% of company leaders thought their employees had a balanced work-life but only 45% of employees agreed with them. It is important that there is a transparent plan in place containing rules and guidelines to avoid any uncertainty. 

2. Flexibility

When choosing a future employer, workplace flexibility has become an increasingly important factor. Top talent employees are attracted to and remain with businesses that offer flexible working conditions. Younger employees in particular, such as Millennials and Generation X want to be able to work where and when they want by using technology that keeps them connected to their employers. Most employees prefer to have the flexibility to work from home or make up missed hours in the evening/weekend should something come up and they can’t make it into the office. 

3. Lead by Example

Your employees aren’t likely to leave the office at 5.30pm if you are working every day until 8pm. Likewise if you are answering work emails and calls whilst on annual leave they will feel expected to do the same. Respect the boundaries between you and your employees, don’t contact them out of working hours unless it is an emergency and they should do the same for you, creating an overall mutual work-life balance. 

4. Benefits

Some businesses might think that workplace benefits aren’t important but in most cases they: increase the business’ appeal, reduce turnover rate, boost morale, make employees more productive and even make them healthier. Having benefits such as private healthcare/dental care, free gym membership, shares in the business, extended maternity/paternity leave, social events, free food etc. have proven to make employees lives easier. This in turn can lead to fewer stressed employees and less work absences.

5. Encourage Annual Leave

It is important to have well rested employees who are ready to come back to work feeling energised and full of new ideas. Employers should encourage their teams to take holidays since it benefits productivity and morale within the business. One way to do this is to either limit the number of holidays they are allowed to carry over to the following year or to not permit any days to be carried over at all. 

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