Have you sat reading blogs, scrolling through Twitter or reading the newspaper about some cool company going through an exciting stage and thought, “I’d love to work there!” – well, despair no more. Sometimes people are discouraged when applying for jobs with these companies. They may assume the company receives hundreds of CVs per day and theirs will get lost in the pile. This can be true for some, but if you follow these 5 simple steps you can increase your chances of working for the company of your dreams:

Step 1: Find a role that suits your skills and experience

Make a list of all the companies you would love to work for. Then go to their career pages or recruitment websites and see if they are currently hiring. Filter through the jobs until you find one that matches your current skills and experience. There might not be a suitable role available at the time. If this happens, you can sometimes set up notification emails so that you will be contacted when your perfect role opens up otherwise you can check back manually.

Step 2: Find out who would be your line manager

After finding a suitable role, instead of shooting your CV off to the careers email address of your dream company, why don’t you do a little bit of research first? Find a person within the organisation who has a similar but more senior job title than the role you’re applying for. Search for them on social media, Google and the company’s website. Get to know a bit more about them: view their work experience on LinkedIn, learn about their interests on Facebook and check their personality on Twitter.

Step 3: Get to know your dream company

It is extremely cringe worthy when someone turns up to an interview and knows nothing about the company they’ve applied to. Research your company early, get to know its culture, mission and ethos. Read about how they portray themselves to prospective employees via their careers page. Understand what they offer their employees, in terms of not only salary but also benefits as these can make a big difference. Finally, take a look at what people have to say about their experiences with them on Glassdoor. This gives you an unbiased review to let you truly evaluate whether you would be a good fit.

Step 4: Update your CV and cover letter then make contact

You need to make sure your CV is up to date, highlighting the relevant experience and skills that refer to the job you’re applying for. Ensure the cover letter is bespoke and not copied and pasted from a previous application. Include examples of your work or targets you’ve achieved in your covering letter. If possible include these as links instead of attachments to make it easier to read. Once this is completed, make contact with your potential new colleague/manager. Don’t ask them for their email address, instead tweet or send a LinkedIn message to let them know you will be reaching out soon regarding the position.

Step 5: Write the best email of your life!

Find their email address online or phone the company to see if you can acquire it for the job application. This email matters so make it count. Introduce yourself, mention that you contacted them earlier, provide details so they know you have researched them, their work and the company and say why you’d be a great addition to their team. Make the email brief but don’t miss out the important details and remember to attach your all-important CV and covering letter.

Following these steps should make you stand out from the crowd and be a memorable candidate for the role. Good luck!

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