There’s a lot to consider before someone accepts a job offer – this covers everything from salary, location, the people, and more recently, office space and how the environment that you’ll be spending 35+ hours in each week makes you feel.

We’ve come a long way from murky office cubicles fitted in every shade of grey. Competing industries are thinking of more imaginative ways to attract and sustain top-level staff – including things like creating a more stimulating and colourful environment for workers.  

A recent survey conducted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), suggested that approximately half of the UK’s workers would like to upgrade the building they work in. The research reveals that an employees’ surroundings can have a huge impact on how satisfied they are within a job. If workers are shuffling around in a dull, uninspiring environment, then they may be less inclined to stick around!

Leave the black, white and grey to the spreadsheets, admin and invoices. A little re-vamp around the office won’t go amiss, and will certainly make all the difference to the engagement levels of your workforce! If you’re stuck for some ideas on what makes an office an inspiring workplace for your employees, below are 10 of the most desirable workplace traits, as voted by employees in the UK: 

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