As one year ends and another one begins there are a few tasks everyone needs to tie up before leaving the office for the holiday period. Make sure you complete the following before the new year begins:

1. Clear Out

Having paper work pile up on your desk, including unwanted brochures and leaflets you were given months ago are bad office habits. Take some time to have a big clear out, minimise your paperwork to the absolute essentials then organise these into separate folders. Starting fresh is a great way to establish new practises for the new year.

2. Thank People

Even if you don’t have the budget or time to buy all of your business associates gifts and cards, it is important to show your gratitude. Express your appreciation to colleagues, business partners, employer, investors, clients etc. by sending out a final thoughts email before the new year thanking them for their hard work and support throughout the last year.

3. Start Preparing Budget

Get a jump start on preparations by planning the projects you and your team wish to undertake in the new year. This will help with estimations for next year’s budget and give a clearer outlook of the goals you want to achieve.  

4. Update Content

Make sure all of your paperwork including handbooks, contracts, manuals and marketing materials are current and reflect the business’ goals for the next year. It is important that they have been updated to feature any changes that have taken place within your organisation or in relation to regulations/best practices over the past year. Refreshing all content to ensure it is consistent with the brand and visions of the business is important in staying competitive.

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