According to one survey, 22% of employees New Year’s resolutions is to find a new job and this goes up to 35% when discussing 18-34 year olds. Try to eradicate this trend in your workplace. Give your team and co-workers something to focus on with a sense of purpose for the new year. Follow these simple steps to ensure your employees better themselves and the business this year:

1. Write them down

Have everyone within the organisation make two separate lists. Their own personal New Year’s resolutions and the goals they want to achieve within the next business year. 

2. Start making a plan

Correspond personal resolutions with benefits the business can offer your employees. If someone wants to keep fit and healthy, the business could offer them a corporate discount at a local gym or free yoga classes within the office. Should an employee wish to save more money the business could put them in contact with a financial adviser or organise a financial education class if many employees have the same goal. 

It can be guaranteed that your team and co-workers will want to learn and grow within specific areas of the business. Discuss the training and development opportunities that are available to them. This could be earning a qualification such as a Master’s Degree on a part time basis with the business supporting and encouraging their studies. Alternatively, it could be learning a new skill to become better at their role such as a new piece of software or management training. 

3. Make sure everyone is on the same page

Once your employees have confirmed their goals and objectives for the next year, effectively communicate that you understand what they would like to achieve and how the business will help them do this. That ensures everyone is clear on what the process will be going forward. 

4. Reward

Employees that have proven themselves to work hard and want to grow with the company should be rewarded with their requests. A study has shown that employees who feel valued are more productive at work and happy employees also decrease your turnover rate. Starting the year with satisfied, purposeful employees puts your business in good stead for the future.

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