Planning and Organisation Skills Employers Value

Written on Friday, 24 March 2017


When recruiting a new employee, businesses are increasingly focusing on their ability to plan and organise their work. Read what organisation and planning skills employers are looking for:

General Organisation

As a starting point, employees and prospective employees must demonstrate their ability to be organised in a day-to-day sense. This includes having their emails in order, being on top of tasks and to do lists, determining budgets or equipment they need, being able to keep their records of past activity in order and knowing who to contact based on the type of information sought. In addition, from a manager’s perspective, it is about placing the right people, with the right skills in the functions that suit them best, in line with the company's goals.


Most of the activity in companies is structured around projects, which have to be delivered on a predefined date. These are divided into tasks, which employees must plan to meet the desired requirements. The forecasting process is particularly important in management functions. In this phase, it is also essential to evaluate the risks that could delay the achievement of the result and to take them into account in the planning.


Programming involves allocating a certain amount of time to the understanding of a specific business mission then dividing the workload amongst the most capable colleagues. Programming involves the ability to meet deadlines by allocating time appropriately. This is a more concrete step in which managers detail a hierarchy of events according to a specific timetable. Agendas are very useful at this stage.


Being able to coordinate internal resources (budget, employees, equipment etc) and external resources (providers, partners, clients etc) is necessary for a business. An effective combination of both will ensure the success of all projects while satisfying the requirements of the different stakeholders.

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