Moving into a new office can seem daunting – there’s a lot to consider, from sorting out suppliers to planning your layout and helping your team to adjust to new surroundings. At Orega, we’ve seen many businesses through the same process, and we want you to feel organised, in control and, more than anything, welcome. Here’s how we make your move as smooth as possible...


Image Source:  Fantastic Removals

Preparing for the big move

Once you’ve decided which office will be your business’s new home, we follow the ‘Orega Perfect Move-In’ process, which includes:

  • A sales consultant will go through the specific requirements of your move
  • A centre manager implements your move plan within the agreed time limit
  • After one month, a review is carried out to ensure your needs are being met 

Behind the scenes

Free Serviced Office Supplier Shortlist

To ease your move along, we can contact local suppliers and decorators on your behalf and provide further recommendations where necessary. While you’re getting ready for your move, we’ll be sorting out the various elements of your move plan, too – these will include: