Spring has finally arrived with its sunshine, lighter evenings and golden daffodils blooming everywhere. With this lovely season comes the inevitable spring clean. Since you spend a third of your life at work, why don’t you focus on getting your desk and workspace in order first. Take a look at how you can get organised to work better:

1. Keep Your Desk and Desktop Tidy

Tidy desk, tidy mind – having a well organised workspace and desktop makes you more productive and efficient. It reduces the chance of you getting distracted by other incomplete tasks and focus on the project at hand. Also, should you be absent from work, a tidy desk will allow your colleagues to find important paperwork quickly without having to disturb you.


2. Buy a Desk Organiser

It is pretty simple that by having your stationary neatly organised and easily accessible reduces time wasting. However, many people still keep pens, highlighters, notepads etc scattered in different drawers. Buying a desk organiser will keep all of your stationary at arm’s length making your work day a little bit easier.

3. Use a Digital Planner/Project Management Tool

Weekly and monthly planners are great for staying organised, but they can add to the clutter on your desk. Try using a digital planner or project management tool such as Basecamp to manage your to do list and stay on top of your deadlines. It also allows you to upload documents, instant message other colleagues working on the same project and track everyone’s progress.

4. Clear Your Inbox

You probably look at your email inbox and say “some day”, well today is that day. Unsubscribe from emails you consistently receive and delete straight away. Organise your current emails into folders. Delete anything you no longer need to reference back to. Get your emails down to lowest number possible and your inbox will feel more under control.

5. Know When To Move

No amount of tidying or organising can help you become more productive if your business has simply outgrown the space. Be realistic and know when it’s time to move to a new workspace. With Orega, we accommodate businesses of all sizes and our flexible workspaces allow you to expand or downsize depending on your business’ needs.

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