Meeting rooms are vital for holding conferences, training sessions, one-to-ones and important presentations. Whether you are trying to engage with your current employees, attract top talent or impress a potential client it is essential that you have a suitable space to interact with them.

Some businesses, especially start-ups and freelancers opt for holding meetings in cafès. Whereas other businesses feel that discussing matters in office hallways or at the tea point will suffice. However, this is not the best way to connect with your stakeholders.

You need to offer space that will stimulate creativity, create an excellent first impression and encourage people to collaborate. Take a look at factors that we feel make the perfect meeting room space:

1. Practical

A meeting room needs to accommodate the needs of the people holding a meeting. The table should fit the appropriate number of attendees and the chairs should be comfortable enough for those taking part in all day sessions. Simple factors such as the lighting should be bright, the flipchart should be new and the conference calling should be connected and working. These can sometimes be overlooked making the meeting disorderly.

2. Presentable

The meeting room doesn’t have to be over the top and quirky to be attractive (although studies have shown that colourful spaces can influence people’s behaviour). Ensuring that the meeting room is clean, minimalistic and decluttered is important so that users can focus on their objectives and not be distracted. Regular upkeep of the space including fresh coats of paint can make all the difference between a space looking appealing or tired.

3. Private

It is vital that meeting rooms are based in a secluded area away from the hustle and bustle of everyday office activity. They have to provide a space where users can brainstorm, listen and develop ideas. If possible, meeting rooms should include some form of soundproofing to ensure meetings go ahead without interruptions.

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