Christmas is fast approaching which means work slows down and people start to focus more on Secret Santa and the office party. Don’t let the festive season make you less efficient. Watch these 5 TED Talks and stay productive this month:

1.    ‘How To Save The World (Or At Least Yourself) From Bad Meetings’ – David Grady

Inefficient meetings are making employees seriously unhappy. David Grady discusses how to save yourself from this epidemic plaguing the workplace .

2.    ‘Forget Multitasking, Try Monotasking’ – Paolo Cardini

Monotasking…how could anyone suggest such a thing?! Surely, it’s multitasking all the way? Product Designer, Paolo Cardini questions the efficiency of our multitasking habits and suggests another style of working.

3.    ’10 Top Time-Saving Tech Tips’ – David Pogue

Are you a user of laptops, smartphones or cameras? David Pogue can make your life a lot more efficient with these 10 time-saving tips.

4.    ‘Got a Meeting? Take a Walk’ – Nilofer Merchant

If someone wants to schedule a one-on-one meeting with you, suggest going for a walk. Nilofer Merchant discusses how this will increase your creativity as well as bettering your health.

5.    ‘How to Succeed? Get More Sleep’ – Arianna Huffington

Instead of staying up later to get more done, try getting more sleep and become happier and more productive. Arianna Huffington shares her experience of the power of a good night’s sleep.

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