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There are many benefits to attending networking events including gaining business opportunities, recruiting top talent and raising you and your company’s profile. Events can be specific to your industry, niche to your job title or specific to your location. Find the best networking events in your area:

1. EventBrite

Eventbrite offers you the opportunity to select business networking events worldwide! Ranging from free talks, business fairs and after work drinks to prestigious conferences and exhibitions this networking database caters to every professional’s needs.

2. Business Junction

Business Junction is London’s leading independent business network and hosts 70 networking event across London every year. Catering to a variety of industries the events pride themselves on being relaxed and inclusive making them accessible to all managers, MD’s and business owners.

3. Chamber of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce organises events aimed to help businesses grow and prosper. It allows you to network with likeminded professionals and connect with key influencers in your industry and area. Whilst membership can be pricey, members argue that if you are an active participating member then the benefits definitely outweigh the costs.  

4. MeetUp

Meetup offers over 20,000 events to over 8 million members worldwide. Wherever you are in the world you will be able to network! Giving you the option to filter events by what’s most suitable for you: entrepreneurship, marketing, self-improvement, business strategy etc. you will be sure to find an event for your needs.

5. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) holds networking breakfasts and events across 33 regions in the UK for its members. The “Bring-a-Buddy” event is particularly inclusive as it allows non-members to also attend. Simon Edmondson from FSB says that “For the last six months we have been holding a monthly networking meeting in partnership with Orega at their offices in the Blue Tower, MediaCity, Manchester. Does Bring a buddy work? We have seen members passing a number of referrals between each other and we have been informed of over one hundred thousand pounds of business being transferred in the Manchester area.”

6. BetaGroup

Betagroup is the largest start-ups community in Belgium and has over 8,000 members. Focussing primarily on the tech industry, they provide essential information for start-ups by having successful guest speakers give lectures. Betagroup also holds networking drinks and events for members after they’ve absorbed all of the useful information.

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