The Difference Between Square Footage and Workstations

Written on Thursday, 06 October 2016

Have you been given the role of project manager for the upcoming office move but don’t know where to start? Are people throwing terms at you such as “square footage” and “workstations” making you feel inexperienced and overwhelmed? Don’t worry, read the blog below to come to terms with the office space jargon and it will help you take the first steps to a smooth office move.

Firstly, let’s define the workplace terms:

Square footage (plural - square feet): This is the measurement of an area of any two-dimensional space. To find out the measurement simply multiply the width of the floor by the length of the floor, giving the total area of the workspace. This measurement is used mainly for conventional office space.


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Workstations: An office area assigned to one person, often with a desk, chair, computer/laptop terminal and a telephone. This measurement is used mainly for serviced office space.

Secondly, understand why serviced office providers offer workstation measurements:
Orega’s Regional Sales Manager for London, Jeroen Houtzager says, “Instead of having our clients deal with drawn out legal procedures, fit out contractors, maintenance issues, building insurance etc. that come with conventional office space, a 'plug and play' solution is presented in a consumable 'Per Workstation' rate.”
At Orega we take care of everything within the workplace so that you can continue to get on with what you do best, business.It is important that our clients have the flexibility to only have the space they require at that time. Taking square footage in a conventional office space then possibly outgrowing it or never filling it could result in you being stuck in a long term lease and having to sublet the space. Serviced offices allow businesses to expand or decrease easily.

Thirdly, decide what you need:

If you are a business looking for an expansive space for maybe hundreds or even thousands of employees (perhaps you need an entire building?) then conventional office space will be more suited to you. You will have a blank canvas of square footage to build and develop your own offices, kitchen area, bathrooms, breakout space etc. This will take an extensive period of time and you will have to deal with various suppliers but is the best option if your company is looking to stay in the same space for around 5-10 years.

However, if you are a company of 1-100+ looking for a time effective and hassle free office move, then serviced offices are definitely for you. The per workstation price is inclusive of your fit out and furnishings, kitchen facilities, relaxing breakout space and bathroom facilities. The contracts are completely flexible, meaning you can stay for as short or as long as you like. You only have to deal with the serviced office provider, they take care of everything meaning you can move into your fully equipped office with very little downtime.

Want to learn more about the differences between serviced offices and conventional offices? Read more here.

Organising an office move? Get in touch to schedule a tour of any of Orega’s great business centres across the UK.

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