The Truths & Myths About Coffee

Written on Tuesday, 07 February 2017


Coffee is everywhere. Whether you’re grabbing it from a food truck, drinking it out of a watering can at a hipster café or grinding the beans at home – you can’t get away from the stuff. In the UK, we drink approximately 55 million cups of coffee per day! The hot drink is loved in the workplace but some people choose other, what they deem “healthier” beverages over it. Take a look at the truths and myths about the caffeine favourite!

Truth – Coffee helps you focus and remain alert

Having between 1-6 cups of coffee per day helps you focus and improves your alertness.

Myth – Coffee will sober you up

Caffeine will make you more alert but studies have discovered that it will not reverse the negative cognitive effect that alcohol has. So don’t depend on it after a big Thursday night out!

Truth – Coffee boosts your physical performance

Studies have shown that having a black cup of coffee an hour before working out can boost your performance by around 11-12% as it increases your adrenaline levels. Have a quick cup before your end of the day gym session and really feel the burn!

Myth – Your end of the day cup of coffee will make you unable to sleep

75% of the caffeine from your afternoon cup of coffee is flushed out of your body within 4-7 hours of consumption. So if you drink a cup at 3pm it will nearly be entirely out of your system by bedtime.

Truth – Coffee brightens your mood and helps to fight depression

A study has proven that the caffeine in coffee improves the drinkers’ mood as it stimulates the central nervous system and boosts production of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. The increase in these neurotransmitters could explain the lower risk of depression in coffee drinkers.



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Did you know, one of the benefits of being a client of Orega is that we offer free coffee in all of our centres. Not a coffee drinker? Orega also supplies free tea and filtered water for all clients at every one of our centres throughout the UK and Europe. 


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