Freedom is a major draw for the freelance lifestyle, and as such, many newbie freelancers dream of working from home, wearing whatever they like, from the kitchen table, sofa, or wherever else is comfortable! So what’s the point of hiring an office?


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Here are the top 5 (less obvious) benefits of working from a dedicated workspace and why it could be the investment that makes you more money than you think.

1. Win new business 

It goes without saying that your productivity will increase in a quiet, work­-focused environment compared to a coffee shop or bedroom. In addition, in terms of sales, when it comes to closing deals, a professional surrounding speaks volumes about the level of service you supply. You’re more likely to win a new client with an office than in a local cafe - no matter how good the macchiato is.

2. Meet key partners

We speak with hundreds of freelancers every week and the vast majority cite friends, family and local contacts as clients. Why? Because they trust you and know you. These good people are often the backbone of every successful business and a building full of offices is a hot­pot for new clients. If you need a web developer and there’s one using the same building as you, who are you more likely to use? A huge amount of collaborative business takes place within offices spaces that can often justify the rent within weeks.

3. Create balance

What happened to the work/life balance? Didn’t you get into freelancing to follow your passion and have the flexibility to live your life? It can work for some people who have the right mentality and the right set-up, but for most of us there’s something about getting up and going to work that creates a more productive mind-set. You may well find that heading into the office, and then home afterwards, will be what keeps you sane!

4. Your postcode matters

As vacuous as it sounds, your postcode says a lot about your brand. Peter Jones from Dragon’s Den famously rented a storage cupboard in an affluent area of London just to have the postcode. When setting up meetings, every client who visited the space was told that the meeting room was booked so they’d go for a coffee. Having an office address, rather than a house address that clients can Google and find out where you live, is going to raise your professional game.

5. All the extras

The perks of the office you rent varies from space to space so be sure to ask what’s included with your package. Storage space and printing services – even fancy coffee machines! – all add value to your business and save you money.

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