How far have we actually come since the dawn of iPhones, smartphones, and tablets? We decided to take a look at what a handful of popular websites and apps looked like when they first launched – and it’s really quite special! Orega’s Old vs New slider asset lays out the birth and evolution of social media, e-commerce, and multimedia entertainment.

A true visual feast – our Old vs New tool contains 18 different websites and smartphone apps, all which feature a screen capture from launch, or within the first few years of birth, to now. To use the tool, all you need to do is scroll through the images and use your cursor to slide from left to right, or vice versa, to compare and contrast the old and new versions of each website/app.

Kudos to the waybackmachine, an internet archive containing some 487 billion web pages captured over the past decade, and longer, which gave us the content to create this fun slider tool!

So, got a quick 5 minutes on your lunch break? Fancy a trip down memory lane? See the evolution of 20 popular apps and websites in front of your very own eyes, and have a go with Orega’s Old vs New slider!