In preparation for the Tour of California on the 15th of May, I am currently training at the Big Bear Lake altitude camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. The altitude in this area ranges from 6,750 to 9,000 feet. Altitude training is really important for endurance athletes, it forces us to breath deeper and more efficiently resulting in conditioning of the muscles involved. There are also changes of the muscle enzymes that give lasting benefits to our performances.  

Chris California2

 At the moment my training regime is more or less the same every day: 

  • First thing in the morning, a 20-minute turbo session. This gets harder the more the camp goes on, but is essential for measuring fatigue and Oxygen levels.
  • Breakfast and lots of it!
  • Unless it is a rest day, anything between 3-7 hours of cycling maybe with a café stop in the middle.
  • Recovery shake and shower.
  • A well-earned dinner, I need lots of fuel for the next day’s training.
  • Chill out time before bed. 

Chris California3

For the next two weeks my regime is: EAT, TRAIN, SLEEP, REPEAT.  Fingers crossed all of this hard work pays off for the Tour of California!

Until next time,