The Team Great Britain Olympic kit has not always been so stylish, back in the 1940’s athletes wore a simple white vest and shorts featuring the Union Jack flag. This style continued until the 1990’s when the vest was designed with a kaleidoscopic pattern up the side.

Over the past decade the kit has become increasingly patriotic featuring more red and blue stripes. When Stella McCartney was contracted to design the 2012 kit whilst collaborating with Adidas they designed it for style and performance. It was a contemporary take on the union flag pleasing athletes who said it had the wow factor! 


Image source: TeamGB

For the Rio 2016 Olympics, McCartney has pushed the design to new heights featuring the tradition GB colours along with contemporary shapes and innovative textures. The idea behind the kit was to allow the athletes to look and feel like champions on and off the field.

Chris Latham said:"I think as always, Team GB have come up with a really good looking kit and the main thing, is that its comfortable to wear as well. Over the years I have been cycling, I’ve had some kit that, let’s just say, its uncomfortable to sit on, and can leave you with some nasty saddle sores. It makes you feel proud when you wear it because you’re representing your country every time, even in training. It comes with pride and expectation, GB are so good at cycling, that you feel that not only do you want to perform but you want to always perform in that kit." 

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