Being selected for The Olympics and representing their country is possibly one of the biggest honours an athlete could be given. It is every athlete’s dream. It is what their entire life’s work, preparation and sacrifice has been for. To be chosen as a team member or individual means everything.

 Chris Training Black And White

Chris Latham said: "At many points of my cycling career a lot of dedication means a lot of sacrifice. Everything needs to be perfect for me to get the best out of myself: a good night’s sleep, nutritious meals and even little things like not being on your feet unnecessarily. Life before a competition some would say is boring but personally I don't mind it. It involves a lot of chilling out after training, resting up and recovering ready for the next stage in the competition. I wouldn't say that I’m currently preparing for selection for the Rio Olympics 2016 any differently than I would for any other competitions. I’m just making sure that every training session counts from now until selection, so constantly performing at my best is key."

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