"Choosing a career path is difficult no matter what age you are. Having to take into account interests, locations, salary and commitments – it can be a daunting and life altering decision. Athletes have to sacrifice a lot and this has to be taken into consideration when deciding whether to do the sport professionally. 

However, I didn’t exactly choose to become a cyclist; it all fell into place really. When I was 10 years old, there was school trip going to the velodrome. Only a certain number could go on the trip so to make it fair names were picked out of a hat. Originally my name wasn't picked out so I was disappointed, then a girl said she didn't want to go and they picked again for the final place and my name was pulled out! I must’ve impressed because after the trip there was a lady who worked at the track and she said to me I was pretty good and that I should come again. This is where it all started, I wouldn't say I fell in love with the sport here but the more I went the more I enjoyed it. Making it a regular hobby and realising my talent for the sport it then became apparent that this was what I wanted to do in the future.

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