Is the sight of concrete getting you down? Not all offices have to be bland and boring, you know. Take a look at some of these market-leading companies and see how office space is important to them. Now these are spaces worth getting out of bed for:

1. White Mountain Office, Stockholm


Image source: Af-la

Looking more like a bond villain hideout than a reputable data centre, this staggering business centre is 100 feet below Stockholm! Once used as an atomic bomb shelter, now its data company, White Mountain’s, office. Inside, you can find greenhouses, artificial daylight, and waterfalls. I know where I’d want to be working, come the zombie apocalypse!

2. Innocent Smoothies, London


Image source: Innocent Smoothies

When you work for a quirky and popular smoothie company, there was always going to be a lot of bunting. In this very British picnic area, free “help yourself” breakfast is served every morning, and there’s also a library, if you need a little escapism during lunchtime. Even the office rooms are decked out with faux grass, to give it that garden party feel.

3. Bastard Store, Milan


Image Source:

Eager snowboarders or skateboarders may have heard of the “Bastard” clothing brand, which caters for extreme sport lovers. They certainly win-out on highly unconventional office spaces, with this huge indoor park in which employees can take-on the skating bowl, to show off their skills during their lunch breaks.

4. Selgas Cano, Madrid


Image source: De Zeen

This architecture company has put its money where its mouth is, and showcased its talents by creating a unique office in the Spanish woods. The employees certainly can’t complain about not getting enough nature in their lives. Half of the ceiling lets in natural light, while the other half protects employees from direct sunlight.

5. Google, Zurich


Image source: Dimscale

Google are known for their creative office spaces, but this Zurich office really takes the biscuit. When it comes to creating new offices, Google puts its employees first, which makes them one of the best companies to work for in the world. In this office there are talking slides, performance stages, power-nap rooms, gaming/play areas, and presentation rooms modelled like cinemas…plus, whatever is in that image.

6. Inventionland Design Factory, USA


Image source: Architizer

Inventionland Design Factory seems more like a fairy-tale book than a product innovation company. There are castles, brightly-coloured houses, a shipwrecked pirate ship, and more. Each department works in a themed area. There is even running water and life-like butterflies everywhere you go!

7. Zynga, USA


Source: NY Times

Creators of FarmVille, and other social mobile games, Zynga’s office area has its very own retro gaming area and lighted, tunnel walkways. They also have a free meal policy for their employees, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the open plan offices are decorated with colourful trees.

8. Lego, Denmark


Source: Esquire

What’s better than being surrounded by Lego all day? Although you may have to watch where you step, there are life-sized people made out of your favourite childhood building blocks, as well as wide open spaces for imaginative mind mapping.

9. Orega, West Sussex


Image source: Orega

Built in an art deco age (1936), Orega’s Beehive office is actually the original terminal building for Gatwick Airport! Extremely light and spacious, this business space is highly popular, due to its proximity to Gatwick Airport and its convenient transport ties to London central. It has even received an Aeronautical Heritage award, for its historical importance to flight-travel in the UK.

Which one of these fantastic offices would you like to work in the most? Let us know!


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