Annoying Office Habits Workers Can't Stand Survey

Chatty co-workers driving you mad? Or is it the food that stinks out the office, or getting dragged into 8am meetings? When it comes to office peeves, everyone's got something to say.

In a survey of more than 1,000 people, we let the British public spill the beans on the most annoying corporate crimes in the UK. Here’s what they had to say…

1. Cringey Co-worker Habits

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Rudeness and poor manners dominated the co-worker habits that the UK find the most annoying, with just over 20% of people voting it to be the most maddening behaviour among their fellow co-workers. But, interestingly, when you take England out of the equation, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland all voted that laziness was their biggest bug bear.

People between the ages of 25 and 34 are more likely to find laziness frustrating than their older workers, with 22% of voters in that age bracket choosing this as the worst office habit.

2. Offensive Office Jargon

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When it comes to awful office lingo, Scotland and England agree that ‘touch base’ needs to be banned from office communications (13% and 14% respectively) – they side with the majority of voters, as 14% of people in the UK dislike this term. Welsh people chose the phrase ‘going forward’ to be the most annoying (11%), while Northern Ireland despises ‘ping me’ (12%).

Other offenders were ‘low hanging fruit’ (11%) and ‘close of play’ (6%).

3. Office Life Bug Bears

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If you live in Northern Ireland, you’re likely to find making awkward small talk the most irritating aspect of office life (16%). Meanwhile, in Scotland, temperature is your biggest problem, with it being either too hot or too cold for your tastes (most likely the latter, at 13%). English people despise meetings that drag on forever (13%), and the Welsh agree (12%). This makes it the least favourite thing about working in an office in the UK.

When looking at the biggest bug-bears for men and women independently, women are more likely to find people coming into work when they’re ill annoying (14%) and men feeling obliged to go to office socials (7%).

It's only fair that you have your say, too! Whether it's nosey neighbours or constant distractions, let us know your biggest #officepeeves on Twitter @OregaOffices.

 Annoying Office Habits Workers Cant Stand


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