If you are sitting at your desk struggling to be as productive as you could be due to slow internet or all your files have corrupted and you have no back-up, it can be hard not to be frustrated.


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Bad IT can really affect a business and waste a large proportion of your staff’s time and effort.

There are lots of ways to be improve your IT, such as installing a brand new infrastructure. However for a business this can be expensive and timely.

In an Orega office, you'll have all of it set up for you.

All of our business centres have already built a state of the art IT infrastructure. Orega’s enterprise grade internet goes up to speeds of 100MB and you'll have access to dedicated lines and VPNs for secure transfers around the world.

In addition Orega offers cloud computing, so you and your company can work from anywhere and still access your desktop and server files.

If your company has specific requirements, Orega will install your own firewalls, switches, routers and rack space in our secure comms room.

We have a dedicated company who run and maintain Orega’s IT infrastructure, so if there is a problem, we have an expert team who will deal with it, so there is less downtime for your company.

If your company requires high grade IT and state of the art telephony to run efficiently, get in touch now to find out more about our office spaces across the UK.