The global Alliance Business Centers Network have awarded Orega as the Serviced Office Operator of the Year for the UK! This prestigious award shows what an incredible office space service Orega are providing to all of our clients. In the words of the ABCN Chairman Frank D. Cottle, "Every year, we have the task and the honor to review our global network of the finest Business Centre Operators in the world and to identify those who have made us all proud by their outstanding service and support to our network, and our industry.

This year, it is my extreme pleasure to select Orega, to receive our highest achievement award as our Operator of the Year for the UK. As we all know, the UK may well be most competitive service market in the world within our industry, and it is no small accomplishment for any company to rise to the pinnacle of performance that you and your team have managed.

What is so impressive to us all here, and to your peers, is that you have done so while also achieving substantial growth in a more than challenging economy. Such an accomplishment would seem to be enough, but when coupled with the added ability to have singularly superior levels of service across your entire portfolio it is a perfect reflection of your own focused management style and a team culture that everyone notices from the moment they enter an Orega Centre.

Our review committee wants to sincerely commend you both for helping to raise the bar for our entire industry and for inspiring us all as a model of what we call can hope to achieve by following your standards.

Thank you for your inspiration."

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