We're thrilled to announce that we won the Best British Newcomer to Belgium Award on Thursday at The Golden Bridge Awards! This award recognises Orega's successful first year in the Brussels market and bridging the gap between trade in Brussels and the UK.



After a successful first year in the Brussels market, where we overcame many challenges that occur when expanding internationally, we are thrilled that all of our commitment has been recognised. Orega have bridged the gap between trade in Brussels and the UK, allowing for companies that work in our UK business centres to expand their reach and dip their toes in international markets more easily. We have also given a platform for companies in Brussels to work in two prime locations, the EU District and Sablon, while giving them access to office space and business solution services in 12 locations in the UK.

The Jury of the Golden Bridge Awards said: "[They were] impressed with Orega's persistence and long term commitment to internationalising their business. As a privately owned service office provider, Orega’s success outside of its home market is associated with its continuous commitment to its people, as well as building a reputation for integrity and professionalism.”