With over 450 million users, LinkedIn provides an extensive online database of professionals looking to be discovered for their impressive work experience. LinkedIn is the centre of a recruiter’s universe, so why not cut out the middleman and follow these tips to find the best candidates for your business:

1. Upgrade your profile

Upgrading your profile to LinkedIn Premium gives you huge advantages when using the social media platform to recruit top talent. 


Image Source: LinkedIn

2. It’s all in the search

The amount of users on LinkedIn can be a little daunting when looking for your ideal candidate. Where should you start? The best way is to take advantage of LinkedIn’s advanced search tool. This allows you to refine your search through various stages including location, job title, school attended and even the company they currently work for. By being specific, this lets you cut through the noise and focus on the most appropriate candidate for your available role. 

3. LinkedIn Referrals

The professional social media platform now incorporates software called LinkedIn Referrals. This recognises your current employees’ first-degree contacts as appropriate matches for the open role you’re advertising. The software sends your employees details of these suitable candidates so that they will engage with their connections and put them in contact with the business. Pair this with incentives/bonuses to motivate your current employees and watch the referrals come flying in. 

4. Join LinkedIn Communities

Want an even easier way to find the best candidates for your business? Join LinkedIn Communities appropriate to your business’ industry or the field you’re advertising and find a concentrated pool of ideal candidates. Be in amongst viable jobseekers and get free exposure for your business at the same time. Even if you don’t find your candidate this way, your business could get recommended by word of mouth or at networking events from someone within the community. 

5. What to look for in candidates profiles

Coming across someone with a very detailed LinkedIn profile makes them the dream candidate to screen. However, not every busy, highly qualified professional dedicates a lot of time to their LinkedIn profile. Carefully read through each candidates profile. Make sure they have an appropriate photograph (not drinking at the pub!), their name, job title and education are all easily viewable. If they have posted blogs or any media read/watch it and see if it is relevant to your role. Ensure their summary is detailed and enticing and their work experience is relatable to your vacancy. Should they have endorsements or recommendations, double check to see who has given these to them – is it their previous manager or just an old school friend? Being methodical will help you sift through all of the information.

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