A recent article from the Guardian Small Business Network highlights the difficult decision that all start-ups eventually have to make; whether to work from home or a costly office. Starting your business from your kitchen table not only makes financial sense, it also means that you can work longer hours by cutting out travel time, which would appear to be a win/win situation.

But whilst working from home can be cost effective, it can also be detrimental when trying to impress important clients over your (probably more established) competitors. Spending money on a professional space could help you secure life changing business - the saying "you never get a second chance at a first impression" never seems to go out of style.  With all this in mind, at some point it's inevitable that start-ups need to move out of the home office - and with 60% - 80% of start-ups failing, can you afford not to?

Luckily, the jump between home comforts and a professional work environment doesn't have to break the bank, or even change your daily routine. The ‘Virtual Office' solution is like having a permanent office in a prestigious location at the fraction of the cost. This means you can affiliate your company with a Business Centre that's positioned in the heart of your target audience's community, adding crucial credibility to your growing identity.

Your business may also need the facilities that a serviced office would provide. The Virtual Office can also include a Telephone Answering Service whereby a helpful reception team answers, forwards or screens your calls for you. They will answer the phone exactly how you would want and take messages if you aren't available. Imagine having your own reception team without employing a single member of staff!

More than this, you can transform your current meeting spots from coffee-shop chain to impressive tower block. The Virtual Office gives you access to stylish meeting rooms and business lounges with all the latest mod cons. Your clients will be greeted by a professional reception team and directed to your unbranded meeting room.

With many variations of the Virtual Office on the market, Orega can provide you with guidance and support in choosing the right service for you.


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