Employee Wellness Trends from Around the World


As the days of tiny cubicles and dark, windowless offices fall behind us, companies explore new and exciting ways to keep employees happy. A well-structured wellness programme can increase productivity whilst reducing employee stress - and businesses around the world are beginning to recognise just how important this is.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help improve your employee wellness programmes, take a look at these 7 trends from around the world.


Businesses around the U.S believe that personalisation is the key to happy and hardworking employees. From a change in office chair types to fit each employee’s posture, to different computer software to suit each individual job role. Some companies set individual goals for each employee, ones that may be more realistic depending on different circumstances.

Many large companies in America take a mind over body approach when it comes to employee wellness. They believe that keeping an employees’ mindset optimistic will have a positive effect on productivity. A positive mindset can come from something small, like changing the office decor, introducing the team to Wellness Wednesdays, or encouraging employees to take quick coffee breaks. Google offices in Toronto have a miniature golf course on the roof! It’s great for employees to clear their heads or talk about a project within a creative setting.


Many employers in Australia think that being able to work remotely, from anywhere, would really benefit employees - another take on flexible working. Virtual offices are becoming rapidly popular in Australia, meaning it’s possible for businesses to work from home or anywhere else, whilst still being able to present a working professional image.

Popular workplace wellness trends in Oz include yoga and meditation - a great way to keep fit and whilst reducing stress and motivating employees. Canva, an Australian graphic design company based in Sydney, have onsite yoga and meditation rooms for when their employees need to destress!


Companies based in China have recognised that the the number of employee health issues have risen, and so strongly believe in the importance of keeping employees active. They believe that by encouraging more exercise in the office, it’ll not only improve general health but also increase productivity of work. UrWork in China offer onsite gyms, meditation rooms and even saunas! Arranging group activities and team building exercises are great ways to keep employees active and cooperative.


Lots of UK-based companies are implementing popular wellness trends and believe that employee wellbeing is crucial for businesses to succeed. A popular trend in the UK right now for offices is to bring the outdoors indoors. Innocent Drinks office in London have meetings on artificial grass and picnic benches!


It’s well known that the Dutch love to cycle, but it may not be for the reasons you think. Aside from the fact it’s great for your physical health, it’s also great for your mind. Those who don’t cycle are said to have less energy and worse concentration than those who do cycle.


For those who love having time off, Brazil could be the place for you. As well as their thirty days of holidays, they also enjoy eleven public holidays every year. They believe that after just one day off, the difference in people’s moods is somewhat astonishing and due to this, improves brain function and productivity.


The people of Japan believe that food is the answer to a long and happy life. They explain that rather than quickly eating large meals until you think you’re full is actually not great for you or your mind and instead, we should eat smaller portions at a slower pace.

Over the last year, employee wellness trends have become increasingly popular with larger companies. Ideas have been shared and adapted meaning we’re seeing lots of fresh and innovative ideas to improve employee wellness.

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