Everything You Need to Know About Flexible Office Space


With flexible office space set to soar over the next five years, you might be wondering whether it’s time to make the jump yourself. According to the BBC, “flexible workspace operators have taken up one-sixth of all new commercial property in the UK capital – and outside the capital tripled, with Manchester and Birmingham seeing the fastest growth.”

So what are flexible offices? And how can they serve you as a business? Here’s everything you need to know… 

1. No long-term commitments

Flexible office space gives business owners the opportunity to occupy a fully equipped, modern office space without being tied into any long-term lease contracts.

2. Flexible space allocation

Unlike traditional office space, you don’t have to fill an entire floor of desks and chairs. Flexible workspace solutions allow business owners to choose from coworking spaces, a small office with a handful of desks, or a larger space. In some cases, employees from different companies may share a flexible workspace. 



3. Reduced overheads for some businesses

One of the major advantages of flexible office space is the luxury of having a city centre business location with everything included in one monthly fee. In some instances, this can end up saving businesses money on renting parking spaces, water, electricity, heating and other utilities.

4. Caters for all business types and sizes

Flexible office spaces are now increasingly sought after by multinational firms who need to expand and reduce their workspace as the volume of work peaks and troughs. There’s also no single sector, or type, of business that is suited to flexible office space. From creative brands to legal firms, this modern working environment caters for all.

5. Networking opportunities

When you choose a flexible office space, you’re also becoming part of a network of businesses with varying skill sets and expertise whereby you’re able to draw upon each other for advice, insights and collaborations. 

Want to know how much office space is right for your business size? Use our Office Space Calculator!
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