How Much Office Space Do I Need Per Employee?


If you’re looking for new office space it’s important to determine exactly how much space you need per employee, as well as factoring in any plans for future growth. To get a feel for how much office space you’re going to need, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you looking for individual offices with employees in cubicles, or an open plan area?
  • How many permanent employees do you have? Will there be any staff members in the office part-time or flexible working?
  • What type of space does each department require to be as productive as possible?
  • Do you have plans to expand in the nearby future?


After you’ve considered these factors, you need to take into account the UK standards guide of 11 cubic metres (53 sq. ft.) per person in an office. This figure may not be sufficient if the majority of the room is taken up by office furniture, so you’ll need to consider the amount of equipment you’re going to have and whether or not you require meeting rooms and breakout spaces.

How much space should you dedicate to meeting and conference rooms?

In a typical office, you’ll usually find one meeting room for every 10 employees. This means a 30 person office would require 3 meeting rooms, alongside private work areas and shared spaces. It’s wise to use this figure as a general guide when calculating how much office space you’ll require in your new office. 

Plans for future growth

When looking at office space, it’s essential to plan for expansion. If you don’t, you could find yourself running out of space and hastily trying to move offices again, which can turn out to be an expensive oversight.

It’s recommended you add 10-20% to the square footage you’ve calculated to accommodate for potential business expansion. Preparing for growth will help transition your business without any costly interruptions. 

If you’re unsure whether your business will expand in the coming months, then a serviced office may be the perfect solution for your company. Serviced office providers will typically allow businesses to expand into larger spaces or downsize into smaller offices when required.

Our Office Space Calculator will help you find out how much office space your business needs. Click below to try it out for yourself:

How much office space do you need?

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