How to Create a Unique Office Space

Written on Monday, 11 June 2018

For most people, an office is synonymous with cubicles, monotonous carpets and water coolers. And also, by default, uninspiring and dull, which is bound to have a negative effect on employees. Big names like Google, Facebook and Apple go above and beyond to create unique, diverse and imaginative workspaces, bringing their own identity to inspire creativity and attract the best candidates.


Orega Gracechurch Street

While you might not be in a position to offer swimming pools and tree houses, there are ways you can create a unique office space that will make your employees want to come to the office every day. Here are our top 4 tips:

1. Choose an unusual building

There are alternatives to traditional spaces, which can make a big difference in the look and feel of your office. Older buildings offer unique period features such as high ceilings and big windows, or modern complexes set in skyscrapers provide breathtaking views and cutting-edge tech.

2. Pick a theme for interior design

Don’t just stick to the same old office set-up. By picking a theme that links to your business, you can create a space that feels creative and puts your employees in the perfect mindset. Even small touches throughout, such as artwork or colour-schemes, can instantly add character to your office and will work to advertise and promote your brand to visitors.

3. Think outside the box for furniture

There are plenty of ways to furnish your office space in an interesting way without spending a fortune. IKEA offers stylish yet affordable designs or, for more one-of-a-kind pieces, visit vintage flea markets and fairs. Think about how employees will use the space and buy accordingly. If you want to encourage collaboration, go for huge desks to seat many people or find plush sofas and beanbags for comfy chill-out spaces.

4. Get creative with ornaments, plants and artwork

Add personality to any space with accessories – ideal if you’re renting and can’t go making any drastic changes. Pick inspirational prints and quotes to cover plain white walls, or decorate desks with plants to bring a fresh vibe to any space.

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