Morning Rituals of Successful People


The key to success is how you start your day, with research suggesting that early risers are more proactive. It's not just the act of waking up earlier, but what you actually do with your morning could impact your mood, as well as your state of mind for the rest of the day.

1. Wake up early

The majority of CEOs are up and about before 6am on a weekday. Bob Iger for example, the CEO of Disney, wakes up at 4am to read. Although this may be stress related, waking up earlier could give you the extra time needed to start great habits like eating a healthy breakfast, exercising or even meditating. Try to calculate what time you should wake up the next day by adding intervals of 90 minutes (one sleep cycle) to the time you think you'll fall asleep that night. This can help you wake up feeling refreshed, even if your alarm may go off earlier than normal.

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2. Listen to something inspirational

Whether you choose to listen to a podcast, interview or radio, listening to something that inspires you will help put you in a great mood and motivate you throughout the day.


Spare a few moments every day to clear your mind and relax. You can do this anywhere, whether it's on the bus or on your lunch break. With no special meditation techniques needed, simply concentrate on emptying your mind of all your stress and thoughts, using your breathing as a focus point. We spend so much of our time switched on, a few moments of peace can help reduce built up stress and burning out.

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4. Drink lemon water

As well as being a delicious refreshing drink, lemon water can actually improve digestion as well as hydrate your body. Full of enzymes and vitamins, you couldn't ask for an easier addition to your daily habits.

5. Think about the day ahead

Once you’ve taken time time to relax, think about what you want to accomplish in the day. Start preparing to get into a positive and productive head space by making a to-do list of your priorities of the day and more urgent tasks you should start early on.

6. Get moving

A top tip from Richard Branson is to start the day with exercise. Doing this early on prevents you from bailing on the gym or a run last minute when you're tired at the end of the day. (We've all been there)!

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7. Think about breakfast

Although there are some contradictory research on the importance of breakfast, health experts agree that high carbohydrate, sugary processed products like breads and breakfast cereals should be avoided. These foods lack good quality proteins and fats, and instead are full of sugary, empty calories that will spike your glucose (blood sugar) levels. If you're hungry first thing in the morning, try to choose whole food options, such as hard boiled eggs, porridge or chia pudding. If you're happy to skip breakfast and don't feel hungry until later on, studies have shown that this would actually be beneficial for your health, providing the meals you do eat later on are full of nutrients.

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8. Read the news

Each morning, read the news in the paper and online to find out what’s going on around the world. Knowledge is power after all, and is not only helpful in your work to stay up to date on your competitors and industry trends, but discussing the news can also be great way to bond with your colleagues!

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9. Remind YOURSELF of YOUR personal goals

Finally, remind yourself why you’re doing this, who you’re doing it for and where you want to get to. There is no better motivator than yourself, so keep pushing and remind yourself that you can do it! Think about your long term goals and how your daily routine is helping you achieve them. It's also important to remember that there is life outside of work, and prioritise time with your friends and family as well!

A good morning routine sets you up mentally and physically for the day, and over time, can encouraging positivity and energy with some potential health benefits. Try some different techniques out to eventually get into a routine you're comfortable and happy with, and your new morning rituals could set you on the path to success.

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