20 Jan

Everyone would like a little bit of extra help to make their working day easier. Have this help at your fingertips by downloading these useful apps:

1. Doodle

Need help scheduling an upcoming meeting? Send out meeting requests via Outlook.

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18 Jan

Is the location of where you work important? There are some instances where location is becoming less important, for example if you have a purely online business. With the advances in technology, more and more people are viewing business location.

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16 Jan

According to one survey, 22% of employees New Year’s resolutions is to find a new job and this goes up to 35% when discussing 18-34 year olds. Try to eradicate this trend in your workplace. Give your team and co-workers something to focus on.

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09 Jan

We are kicking off the new year with the announcement of Orega Aberdeen’s launch this summer! The Silver Fin Building in Aberdeen will be our first venture in Scotland and is set to become the most prestigious business centre in Aberdeen. 


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30 Dec

Unfortunately, due to sitting for prolonged periods of time office workers are turning into 9-5 couch potatoes. According to the World Health Organisation, 3.2 million deaths can be attributed to lack of physical activity so the less you sit,.

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29 Dec

We are getting ready for a new year and new workplace trends. Read what Orega predict will be big in 2017:

1. Residential Feel

The lines between corporate open planned offices will be blurred further than in 2016 with more workspaces adopting a.

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28 Dec

Wearable tech can give the user and their employer a range of benefits, from health to data collection to increased productivity. On the flipside, there are a range of barriers to the adoption of this type of tech, as privacy concerns for both.

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23 Dec

As one year ends and another one begins there are a few tasks everyone needs to tie up before leaving the office for the holiday period. Make sure you complete the following before the new year begins:

1. Clear Out

Having paper work pile up on.

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22 Dec

This year has been eventful: Bowie, Prince plus many more famous faces have left us, Brexit, The US Presidential Election and much more. It has also been an action-packed year for Orega with lots of exciting changes taking place.

We launched our.

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15 Dec

Christmas is fast approaching and your wallet is looking a little thin. You have a limited number of days and limited funds to get the dreaded Secret Santa gift for your co-worker. Have no idea what to get Jo from Accounts because you’ve only.

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